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ATTENTION! When ordering Please write address without omitting it. Add your usual bullet address to the remarks column. YUUI's drawings from 2014, such as a girl with a different expression titled "TANSANFABRIK", an illustration of a girl lying on the roof of a building, a girl on a motorcycle, a girl on a motorcycle, and a sticker of a girl riding a green hot shot, were dazzling. The way the first car (what an old car) is played with and the direction it's going is clear and not half bad. The way you build radio-controlled cars and fishing, the way you play with them is directly reflected in the illustrations you draw. [BOOK DATA] YUUI THIIGO / AVALANCHE WORKS by YUUI THIIGO book size:H240mm×W220mm, 96pages weight: book+packing=600g ISBN:978-4-9909845-2-6 Yuui Thiigo, illustrator for TANSAN Corporation, has worked on a number of board game artworks, including Coyote and Hit Manga. Worked on the official Hard-Off character, Kurumi Naoshima (Janko), and many corporate collaboration character illustrations. In 2021, she will be working on the exhibition "Utopia" organized by atmos, the exhibition "Asobi System x Asobi System x SNKRDUNK exhibition "artrA".

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