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Perspectives of Shinya Mizuno

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ATTENTION! When ordering Please write address without omitting it. Add your usual bullet address to the remarks column. Illustration Collection Mk. II from Hera Publishing to be piloted by Shinya Mizuno.The mecha and characters created by Shinya Mizuno are both humorous and charmingly cute. When I first came across them on social media a few years ago, I was instantly captivated. I just can’t get enough of their rough-and-tumble energy, or that indescribable, dreamy, floaty quality that they possess. Then there are his elaborate but irrepressibly sweet robots and navigation mecha. In the fleeting dreams that come with a few moments of lazy dozing, I imagine setting off with them to explore the seas and skies of some distant world. I can’t be the only one who Shinya Mizuno has launched on such a flight of fancy! [We will give 3 postcards.] [BOOK DATA] Perspectives of Shinya Mizuno by Shinya Mizuno book size:H240mm×W220mm, 160pages weight:book+packing=915g ISBN 978-4-9909845-1-9 Shinya Mizuno Illustrator/Designer Active in a wide range of fields including animation, advertising, and toy design, focusing on original mecha and robot illustrations. Participated in NHK's "Bit World" / Picture book "Honya no Poncho" storyboard / "Funwari-chan" CD artwork / "Sayonara Ponytail" jacket illustration / "Shin Evangelion the Movie: ||" design works

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