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ATTENTION! When ordering Please write address without omitting it. Add your usual bullet address to the remarks column. IZMOJUKI / INDUSTRIAL DIVINITIES 2017 will feature settings and a worldview that has been renewed for Art Toy project and include a history of modification, new composite photographs, drawings and old images in the correct timeline. [BOOK DATA] IZMOJUKI / INDUSTRIAL DIVINITIES 2017 by Junji Ohkubo / IZMOJUKI book size:H240mm×W220mm, 160pages weight:book+packing=915g ISBN:978-4-9909845-0-2 Okubo Junji / IZMOJUKI Freelance creator in Tokyo,Japan. Working in a wide range of field, under the name of “IZMOJUKI”, from illustration to design, and also provides character design and product designs for motion picture productions, games and toys.

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